Comparison – Deebot Slim 2 Vs Neato D3

In todays comparison, we will discover the pros and cons of the Neato D3 and the Deebot Slim2 vacuum robots. We will test them in the DIRT ARENA (watch the video here), we will take a look at their contents in an unboxing video (watch here) and we will list the benefits or each one.

Both brands are well known around the world because of their quality and popularity and can also be found amongst our massive range here online. It is well known that Neato robots are like the dyson of traditional hoovers. Let me explain what I mean with that statement. Neato had built a robot with huge vacuum power, it will suck a golfball through a garden hose (well, not really. Just a figure of speech). But that does not make it better than other brands. Would you buy a racing car to drive in a 20mph zone? you may say NO, with this comparison we will find out.

The Pros of the Neato D3:

  • Wi-Fi connected smart phone enabled
  • Methodical cleaning
  • Large dustbin container
  • Scheduled cleaning function
  • Space detection
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Very strong vacuuming power
  • Fast vacuum system
  • Low profile design
  • Copes with all floor types

The Cons are:

  • Higher price (your looking around the £450 mark for a new one, we also have ex-demo stock for lower prices)
  • Loud vacuuming at around 70db
  • Accessories tend to be expensive
  • No side brushes have been included in the design, may not collect all the dust along the edges
  • No HEPA filter (HEPA filters are great to have)

The Pros of the Deebot Slim2:

  • The flattest vacuum robot on the market (5.7 cm height)
  • The quietest vacuum robot on the market (52 dB)
  • Large 2600 mAh Lithium Ion battery
  • Cheapest model with a smartphone app (around the £229 mark)
  • With wiping function (wet or dry)
  • Long vacuum time of 2.0 hours
  • Remote control for manual control
  • Selection of several cleaning modes
  • Unique price performance ratio
  • Great for households with animals, being brushless prevents blockages.

The Cons are:

  • Small size dustbin container
  • Lower vacuum power than the Neato
  • Not so many setting possibilties
  • No main brush (can also be a positive)
  • Does not clean carpet floors very well (because it has no main brush)

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